Layby Services

Layby Services Australia's mission is to 'Empower families to take control of their household budgeting', we do this by offering a huge range of food, beverage, consumer goods, gift cards and holidays all on manageable weekly payment plans.

We understand the key drivers for FMCG Branded organisations and continues to partner with these organisations to bring their goods and services into thousands of Australian homes across Australia via the extensive distribution capability that has been developed- Dry, Frozen and Chilled products delivered anywhere in Australia to the customers door step!

We also partner with key retailers who understand the benefits and power of Layby.

The company has focused on developing strong capabilities within the layby sector of retailing, resulting in substantial growth.

Soon after the company's formation, Hamper King Christmas Club was acquired from the Direct Group, resulting in Layby Services Australia doubling its size. In April 2009, Mrs Christmas Savings Club was also acquired.

Since then the company has launched into the travel sector through the launch of EASYSAVE Holidays™ in August 2010, EASYSAVE Holidays™ offer flexible holiday packages to Bali, Phuket, Fiji & Hawaii and P&O cruises, all on layby payment plans.

With strong skills in the disciplines of Merchandising, Creative Communication, Circulation Analytics and Fulfilment, Layby Services Australia is taking the business to new levels of success.

Layby Services Australia's award winning* and unique platform provides support to thousands of families around Australia who wish to spread the cost of purchase over a nominated period.

The main benefits to the customer include:

  • No approval process to get started
  • No deposit, just the first weekly or fortnightly payments
  • No need to utilise credit cards - payments are deducted directly from nominated bank accounts
  • No interest is charged
  • No transaction fees are charged
  • No need to visit the retailer to make payments

By breaking down the total purchase to weekly bite-size payments, Layby Services Australia is introducing new options to consumers that wish to make purchases with financial discipline.

These customers constantly say "Now I can buy the things I want to buy in an affordable way". By providing new purchase possibilities to this vast, untapped consumer sector, Layby Services Australia is opening up new sales opportunities to retailers and membership driven organisations.

*2009 SAP Award of Excellence - Best ERP with Channel Partner